Description – There is nothing more difficult in a woman’s life than to return to her career and work like the feeling of having to leave her children with someone else. Here’s to turn into the perfect breastfeeding mother and be efficient at work.

Nothing can prepare you well enough for that moment when you are back to your duties in society, and your maternity leave ends. For some people, it might seem as easy as getting a baby to use a baby binky. However, there are still some tips you can pull out to enjoy working and breastfeeding as much as possible. Real stories from a breastfeeding mother who is successfully a working mom as well will give you a whole new perspective on this topic, so stay tuned!

Working and Breastfeeding – The Reality

Coming back to work after giving birth can be a strong reality-check for most moms. On top of that, all the myths about how much water should a breastfeeding mother drink or how you should breastfeed in public can be inhibitors for you to feel successful in this new time of your life.

The emotional guilt that comes with thinking you are not fulfilling your duties, combined with the stress of coming back to work, can quickly pile up in your life. It is why you must arm yourself up with everything you need to know about it from the stories of women who have already been through this and successfully harmonized their work and mom’s life. Due to the topic of pumping being approached and signed off by USA law, a breastfeeding mother can now return even earlier to work. 

However, whenever you decide to start work, there are a few things to keep in mind which will help you feel more comfortable in this new position. If coming back to work means also coming back to colleagues, 9-to-5 schedule, and all the stress of catching up on everything you have been missing out, then there are even more reasons to want to be prepared. Some vitamins for breastfeeding mothers will do just fine, as you will need the extra energy.


The importance of breastfeeding for mother and baby is well-known to everybody, which is why pumping can be a good option for you while you are at work. In this situation, the colleagues and company atmosphere can also contribute a great deal to making you feel comfortable pumping at any time. However, whatever your reality is, it is essential to know that it is a natural process and that every working mom is going through the same challenges. 

The health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers include the release of beneficial hormones. However, it helps to create a permanent bond with the baby. So, even though sometimes breastfeeding through pumping might look like a real burden, it is an essential step in both your and the baby’s life.

Tips from a Breastfeeding Mother

We have looked into how being a working mom looks like. So we have gathered some real-life tips and tricks from women who have already been through it and still were able to enjoy it fully. With these secrets shared, you will surely be able to overcome any harmful effects of breastfeeding on mothers and not lose the connection to your baby while working.

Make Yourself Familiar with the Office

Pumping is a natural process every mom returning from maternity leave has to go through, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, since this is a new thing in your daily routine, it might be helpful to know your office’s facilities for allowing you to pump. Make sure to identify if there is a pumping area or any place where you can tap in private, as well as a refrigerator for milk storage. It might also help to align with your manager on possibilities to take breaks or any other work conditions for breastfeeding mothers.

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Make Yourself Comfortable

Making yourself comfortable with the new process involves, besides knowing as much as you can on the topic from moms who have already been through this phase, also having extremely comfortable clothes for pumping. Loose tops and pads to cover for any potential leaks are handy. Also, you need to take care of yourself, meaning that eating healthy is an important step you cannot miss. Healthy snacks for breastfeeding mothers might be an excellent addition to your daily meals. During pregnancy you were already  a super woman and you were usually check your pregnancy calculator. Also now, you have to a super woman to comfort yourself.

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Set Your Routine

Adding pumping in your daily program, topped with all the new changes you need to catch on, might be stressful in the beginning. However, to ease up the adaptation process, it might help to build your routine and stick to it. Feel free to adapt to your breastfeeding needs and adjust your work, depending on those hours. 


Never Miss an Evening as a Breastfeeding Mother

As prepared as you might be to embrace this new chapter in your life, the change will mark its territory and make you feel drained of energy. Although it might happen at the time to feel extra-tired, you need to make the most of your evenings at home, when you reunite with your baby. Sometimes you might just need some time for yourself, and this should not make you feel guilty by any means – however, spending time with your baby will become precious moments later on, so try to make time for them as well. 

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Life as a breastfeeding mother might become extreme sometimes, but this is the reason why working moms are true heroes, so don’t forget to award yourself extra credit for that.

Author’s bio: Beatrice Callan is a single working mom from Spain, and she decided to start writing an online blog. The blog is dedicated to moms coming back to work after a maternal leave and meant to inspire them to keep going on whenever they feel it gets too much.


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