Traveling is passion and love for many but we put a full stop on traveling for a while after having a baby. Traveling is not comfortable with the baby as the baby will not be comfortable in flight, car, or train during a long journey is the first concern of every parent. Every couple who loves to travel can travel easily with the baby without worrying about his comfort during the long journey as travel with a car seat makes all your worries vanish because it provides comfort as well as protection to the baby.

Here are few important points explaining why a travel car seat is a must for a flight:

Why is traveling with a car seat important for flights?

Flights tend to have turbulence during the journey which can affect the baby’s comfort and make him scared of the flight for a long run. A travel car seat will lock the baby’s position in a comfortable posture so that turbulence cannot affect his sleep and comfort during the journey.

Which travel car seat is more preferable for flights?

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Every parent’s first pick would be a light weighed convertible car seat which serves its purpose to the fullest. Finding the right car seat might be difficult as you need to find a perfect mixture of affordability, portability, safety, and comfort for the baby.

Remember to avoid extra bells and attachment with a car seat as it is going to take more space in the flight or may disturb the baby’s sleep too. Travelling with a car seat will make the trip memorable for both baby and parent.

Travel with car seat is must when an infant is on board

Travel with car seat is must when an infant is on board

A long journey can piss you off if you need to hold the baby in arms for the whole time. It will make you as well as the baby uncomfortable and tired at the starting of the journey. A travel car seat which is perfect for holding a baby of even 5 pounds is what you want to buy first before planning a trip. If the baby is uncomfortable during the journey both you and the baby will suffer and the journey will be spoiled.

Why Kids are not safe with airplane safety harnesses?

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Airplane harnesses are designed generally for 10 years old plus. Airplane harness is not safe for the baby under 10 years as it will not hold him comfortably and any miss happening can take place during the flight. Flights usually have a special chair for kids but it fits only in the first row. To keep baby safe and sound during the flight one should travel with the car seat so that baby is comfortable as well as safe even during minimal turbulence.

Checking at the airport !

Checking in airport

The security check process becomes a bit complicated for a couple traveling alone with a baby without a travel car seat. They would need to hold the baby in their arms one by one while going through a security check and with numbers of bags there are high chances of missing any of the bags at the airport.

Plus it would not be easy to shop from the airport with a baby in arms all the time. Traveling with the car seat will make not only your journey easy but every step at the airport will be cherished by you and the baby.

From collecting boarding pass to boarding a flight it makes all steps easy:

You can carry a baby in your arms and fold travel car seats during these collecting boarding passes and allow them to check the weight of the travel car seat so that you can take it with you on the flight.

After collecting your boarding pass you can put the baby in a travel car seat and hold it with the attached handle which makes it look like a basket to do further process or security checking easily and timely without any rush.

Best Way to Protect Travel Car Seats

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You have purchased a car seat for your little moon pie’s comfort and protection in the journey. It would disappoint you if it gets damaged at the airport without serving its purpose in the flight.

To protect your expensive travel car seat buy a compact lightweight travel car seat bag that will cover the travel car seat fully and protect it from breaking and scratches too.

A good travel car seat bag will cover the whole seat while compacted and is made up of fabric and foam to provide extra protection from scars and scratches. In-car seat bags you can also put extra small stuff for babies or yours and this way you get a little bit of extra baggage space in flight.

We recommend you buy a padded car seat cover for your journey over a normal bag. A non-padded car seat cover will only keep the car seat clean but the padded one will keep it clean and provide extra protection to the edges too.

There are a number of options in car seat bags to make your journey more pleasant, you can use the tires to pull the car seat easily while not using it.

A car seat does not get counted as luggage while traveling with an infant

Although travel with car seats takes space in flight most of the crew does not count it as a checked bag while flying with an infant and you can enjoy some extra space without paying for it and its bag.

Most of the airlines allow both the travel car seats and its bag on the other hand some airlines might charge you a small amount of money for carrying them with you.

We are not responsible for your loss: airlines

We are not responsible for your loss: airlines

Remember as much as you are concerned with your luggage and stuff while checking it in, no one else is. There are very high chances that the travel car seat gets affected during luggage check-in if not packed properly in a car seat bag and for more safety of the car seat try to keep it with you instead of checking it in.

Not only this, but there are chances that your car seat gets missed by the airlines. In some cases, airlines are co-operative and refund you the money of your lost article but in some cases, they clearly state that it’s not their responsibility.

To make your journey more comfortable and memorable, travel with a car seat which is easy to handle and convertible so that you can keep it with you all the time and not forget the travel car seat bag to hold the car seat while not using it.

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