Want to give your baby fresh air outside?

I know the feeling! When my little one arrives, I can’t wait to enjoy serene afternoons walking together with my baby in a stroller.

Just a short walk in the Mother Nature can suck all the stress.

Admit it!

Just like you, I was also thinking: When is it okay to start going outside with your baby? And what will be the Best Car Seat Stroller Combo for my angel to keep her secure?

That time I tried and tested various strollers to find out the right one for my baby. In this article I gonna share my experience and review some finest Car Seat Stroller Combo of this time.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Car Seat Stroller Combo?

A baby car seat stroller or travel system is a more likely pre-packaged set that includes an infant car seat, a baby stroller, and a car seat base.

Car Seat+ Stroller= Travel System Car Seat Stroller Combo.

Why might you need a Car Seat Stroller Combo?

One definite advantage of Car Seat Stroller Combo is its Very economical.

  • You can enjoy Portability.
  • Very convenient for outside use
  • Longevity
  • Looks great and stylish!

 What to Know Before You Buy

Size According To Your Child Age

Yes, size does matter!

Get used to keeping track of your little one’s height and weight/Age, which can determine the stroller’s seat size.

Safety Feature

Most importantly, ensure that the stroller you choose has enough safety. We all want to make sure our baby is in good hands. Have a look at whether it has so important feature like:

  • Crash feature
  • Safety harness


Comfort is one of the top priorities for the traveling system stroller. Otherwise, it’s hard to keep the little one calm.

Set up process

Nowadays manufacturers are very concern about the setup process. As a result, you can get a handful amount of option which offers quick set up feature. So look for it to save your time and hassle.


It’s closely associated with brand actually. The warranty may vary from brand to brand. And it’s a safe side to pick something which has several year’s warranties.

Best Car Seat Stroller Combo that You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

 Today we are introducing the 10 best car seat stroller combo for baby’s extra safety. Let’s start the car seat stroller combo reviews.

Recommended Car Seat Stroller for infants

  • Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 stroller
  • Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Millennium
  • Cosco lift and stroll stroller

Recommended Car Seat Stroller for toddlers

  • Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System
  • Baby Trend Nexton Travel System
  • Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System
  • Graco car seat stroller combo

Recommended Car Seat Stroller for preschoolers

  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System
  • Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom

Comparison of Table

PictureProduct NameColorMaximum Manufacturer Weight RecommendedItem Weight
Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System reviewsBaby Trend EZ Ride 5 strollerHound tooth50 Ibs36 Ibs
Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium reviewsBaby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemMillennium29.98 lbs41.54 lbs
Cosco Lift & Stroll Travel System - Car Seat and Stroller reviewsCosco lift and stroll strollerRealtree Camo22 lbs31.75 lbs
Graco Fastaction Fold Click Connect Travel System StrollerGraco Car Seat Stroller ComboFinley50 Ibs30 lbs
Baby Trend Nexton Travel System, Coral Floral reviewsBaby Trend Nexton Travel SystemCoral Floral50 Ibs35 lbs
Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System, Stratus reviewsGraco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel SystemStratus50 lbs26 lbs
Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System reviewsGraco LiteRider Click Connect Travel SystemSully40 lbs24 lbs
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System reviewsBaby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel SystemElixer
50 lbs
46.9 pounds
Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Papyrus reviewsChicco Bravo Trio Travel SystemPapyrus
50 lbs
46.3 lbs
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom reviewsBaby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel SystemPhantom
50 lbs
46 pounds

Recommended Car Seat Stroller for Infants

#1: Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Stroller – Best Travel System Strollers

Do you want a stroller that can grow with your baby?

This is it!

Believe me or not, it can do so because of being able to accommodate various heights and weights. Not only that, but this stroller is also tough and durable enough to be reliable in the long run. It is Suitable for heights of 30 inches or less.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System reviews

Wow, Features and Benefits:

  • EPS Energy-absorbing Foam
  • Three-wheel Stroller
  • Five-point Harness

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 lbs

My impression

What an awesome stroller!

In all, the stroller provides outstanding ease of maneuverability when compared to the conventional travel system strollers. This is mainly because of the existence of three wheels. You will find it easier and convenient to move around in crowded locations.

Now let’s talk about interior components.

Its seats and interior components are padded with the EPS energy-absorbing foam. This material absorbs strong impact and stress. This, in turn, offers added protection and maximum comfort. It also minimizes fatigue and subsequently allows for long-term usage. So it is sturdy enough to accommodate 5 – 30 pounds (2.3 – 11.5 kg) of weight.

Sound’s impressive?

To further secure your baby, this stroller comes along with a five-point harness. This securely holds your baby in place and prevents it from fidgeting. Its base is also wide and stable enough to install easily in your car.

What I like most

  • Large soft head support
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Comes along with swing-away child tray and snack/cup holders

What could be better?

  • A bit too weighty
  • Moderately larger
  • Quite cumbersome to move around


#2: Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Millennium- Car Seat Stroller in One

Not all strollers are created equal.

Admit it.

But this stroller is designed for extra comfort and protection from weather elements. It is the one to opt for in case you are intent on leveraging those two benefits at a time. You can comfortably accommodate children up to 42 inches tall.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium reviews

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Quick Release
  • 5-point Safety Harness
  • Sunroof Ratchets

Age / Weight Recommendations: 29.98 lbs

My impression

Before anything else, safety is our top priority as parents. Am I right?

Don’t worry.

The safety of your child is guaranteed by this fully adjustable 5-point safety harness. This combined with a tether strap and reflectors on the footrest jointly provides greater low light visibility and added protection to your child.

Thanks for the quick release mechanism!

On the whole, you will find the stroller quite convenient to engage in. This feature basically enables you to release its wheels faster and with minimal effort. It also enables you to store the stroller comfortably.

Sound’s good?

Atop the canopies are the sunroof ratchets that let in light but keep off heat and other harsh weather elements. This arrangement lets your baby enjoy its time in the stroller but free from interferences from the external weather condition.

What I like most

  • Multi-position reclining padded seat
  • Compact, lightweight fold
  • a large smooth carrying handle
  • Easily detaches from the car seat base

What could be better?

  • Backed by a less generous warranty
  • Does not last as long as should be


#3:  Cosco Lift and Stroll Stroller- Best All-Terrain Stroller Travel System

Searching for a car seat that turns into a stroller easily?

You have just come to the right place.

To simplify the transportation of your baby, you might want a multipurpose baby stroller of this kind. This is a stroller that is generally able to discharge as many different kinds of roles as possible at a time.

Age / Weight Recommendations: 22 Ibs

Cosco Lift & Stroll Travel System - Car Seat and Stroller reviews

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Secure 5-point Harness
  • Built-in Cup Holders and Trays
  • Easy Folding

My impression

The cool thing is its awesome harness. Its most outstanding trait is this 5-point harness. This harness attaches your baby securely and prevents it from falling off even under extreme turbulence.

Apart from this, you will find the stroller easier to transport and store. This is because it is foldable. Folding compresses its size and thus calls for limited storage space. You simply have to lift it for it to fold.

It sounds simple. And it is.

It does come along with built-in cup holders and trays that jointly confer extra storage space. These extra storage compartments reduce the inconvenience you may always have to confront at times.

What I like most

  • Fitted with a reliable side impact protection unit
  • Light in weight and compact when folded
  • Attaches to the stroller in one quick step
  • A larger basket underneath for safeguarding all the kid’s gears

What could be better?

  • Too large
  • Quite inconvenient to steer around


Recommended Car Seat Stroller For Toddlers

#1: Graco Car Seat Stroller Combo- Best Convertible Car Seat Stroller System

Are you intent on expediting time while transporting your baby?

Undoubtedly, you require a highly maneuverable stroller of this kind. The good news is, this stroller is indeed designed for ease of transporting your baby in mind.

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 lbs

Graco Fastaction Fold Click Connect Travel System Stroller

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Deluxe Padded Stroller Seat
  • Front Swivel Wheels
  • Bring Essentials Along

My impression

Experience the convenience of the super fast fold.

Yes, just one-second fold!

Chief of its key features is the deluxe padded stroller seat. This seat is very comfortable to guarantee your child ultra comfort throughout the rides. It also has all the other features of a seat of its kind such as multi-recline.

Just imagine!

With a weight of just about 22 pounds (10 kg), this stroller is light enough to be carried around or maneuvered with ease. You will find this stroller easier to engage while on the go. You will also experience less fatigue in the process.

Good for you.

Besides, these wheels are fitted with the suspension to provide superior maneuverability and smooth rides. It is these wheels that make the stroller ideal for reliable maneuverability at all times.

What I like most

  • Great Handling For You
  • Smooth Maneuverability And Easy Portability
  • Convenient Washing
  • Multi-Position Reclines For Your Baby’s Comfort

What could be better?

  • Made of plastic and is hence less durable
  • Not so tough to the various elements


#2: Baby Trend Nexton Travel System- Best Car Seat Stroller Combo for Infants

Moms love it so much.


It allows letting your child enjoy the external panorama and breathtaking views of the surrounding locations; this indeed is the stroller to think of. It has a viewing panel that allows your child to peek outside.

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 Ibs (5 – 30 pounds)

Baby Trend Nexton Travel System, Coral Floral reviews

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Peek-a-boo Window
  • Comfortable Seat
  • One-hand Folding

My impression

I absolutely love this awesome stroller!

Top of its key traits is this peek-a-boo window that is fitted to an expandable canopy. It is aimed at protecting your child from the harms that come along with excessive exposure to the sun. This baby trend travel system stroller also allows your child to view the outside unhindered.


Its seat is comfortable because of being padded. It also has multiple recline positions and a 5-point covered harness in its center. The seat is also adjustable in three slots for maximum comfort and security of your child.

Thanks to One-hand Folding Mechanism!

You will also find this stroller pretty easy to engage and fold. You only require the input of one hand to do so. This means it easy to fold up and disengage and carry around as need be.

What I like most

  • Soft Support to Your Child’s Head
  • The LATCH Clips or Seat Belts
  • Have All the Latest Features Needed For New Parents
  • Removable and Washable Insert Child Trays

What could be better?

  • Quite bulky and tiresome to handle
  • Quite prone to the accumulation of dirt


#3: Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System –A safeguard Car Seat Stroller Combo

If you are that kind of a parent who is constantly on the go, you may want a stroller that is highly adaptable.

You heard that right.

A convenient way to get out with your little one!

This simply means that it ought to be usable in as many different environments as possible. This indeed is that kind of a stroller.

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 Ibs

Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System, Stratus reviews

Wow Features and Benefits

  • Click Connect System
  • Body Support Transitions
  • Reversible Body Support

My impression

Enjoy the freedom to choose between two stylish fashion options. These options guarantee the comfort of your baby at all times. They also minimize injuries that are more likely to arise in times of embarking and disembarking the baby.

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realize it comes along with body support transitions.

These basically let the stroller be used in the car seat or outside the car with ease. They minimize any disturbances or other issues that may ordinarily interfere with the functioning of the body.

We’re not through yet!

Thanks to Click Connect System! This feature enables you to securely attach the stroller onto the infant car seat stroller combo is only one step. It thus expedites the process of attaching and disengaging the stroller. It is this trait that simplifies the procedure of handling this stroller.

What I like most

  • An extra-large drop-down storage basket
  • Fitted Padded reclining seats
  • convertible 3- or 5-point harness
  • Self-standing fold tray

What could be better?

  • Quite delicate due to plastic makeup
  • Prone to damages


#4: Graco Literider Click Connect Travel System- Best Lightweight Baby Car Seat Stroller Combo

Are you constantly on the go?

If yes, you require a stroller that is extremely light in weight like this one. This is to minimize stress and let you apply as a minimal force as possible to push it around.

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System reviews

Age / Weight Recommendations: 40 lbs

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Click Connect System
  • Convertible 3- or 5-point Harness
  • Ultra-lightweight

My impression

First, let me tell you why I just love this stroller for the baby. Its locking system provides a one-step and secure attachment to the infant car seat stroller combo. It keeps the stroller tightly in place and prevents it from swaying unnecessarily. This way, your car is absolved from the likelihood of injuries.

Yes, you heard that right.

Apart from these, the stroller ‘grows’ with your child because of the existence of this feature. It enlarges to accommodate the various sizes and heights of the child. For this reason, you will find it for an extended duration of time.

That means your baby is in safe hand.

Because of light weighing, this stroller is easy to engage and maneuver. You will find it easier to engage especially in crowded locations. This is not to mention that it is also easy to change.

Keep in mind that it’s A Lower Weight Capacity of Just 40 Pounds (18 Kg).

What I like most

  • One-hand fold is convenient
  • has locking front-swivel wheels
  • Possesses a 2-position reclining seat
  • Extra storage to hold your essentials

What could be better?

  • Possesses some delicate parts
  • Difficult to keep clean


Recommended Car Seat Stroller for Preschoolers

#1: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System- Best Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo

Is your search for a stroller informed by the need for long-term and regular use?

Fair enough!

Let me take a wild guess; your answer is yes. Your answer lies in a strong and durable stroller such as this one. That’s because it can withstand tears easily.

best car seat stroller combo

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 lbs

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • 3-Wheel Jogger
  • Adjustable Canopy
  • Multi-position Recline Seat

My impression

When we look something for your little angel, we want something soft and comfortable. In this perspective, the baby trend travel system just nailed it.

You wonder how?

Perhaps its most outstanding feature is this foam-padded handle. The handle is wide, ergonomically shaped, and comfortable to engage. It allows you to handle easily, engage, and maneuver the stroller out and about a given area.

Still not convinced?

Coming with a covered sunroof, this stroller’s canopy is adjustable. It serves as a shield to protect your child from the harsh external weather elements. It is also breathable to prevent your child from suffocating or overheated.

Its seat is multi-position, reclines, and padded. It also comes equipped with a fully adjustable 5-point safety harness as well as a tether strap.

What I like most

  • All-terrain bicycle tires make it convenient
  • covered compartment storage
  • Comprehensive because of incorporating several essentials
  • lightweight steel frame construction

What could be better?

  • Moderately expensive
  • potentially injurious due to metallic parts and components


#2: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System- A Stylish Car Seat Carrier

Keep your family active and moving with the Chicco Bravo Travel System.

Accompanies by an extra-large canopy, this Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Papyrus seat adjusts to confer to your baby the right seating position. It also enhances the comfort of your baby because of fixing it at just the right posture.

best car seat stroller combo

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 Ibs

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-Position Recline
  • Auto-Swivel Wheels
  • Extra-Large Storage Basket

My impression

Most innovative tri-modal stroller!

Yes, it’s true.

Its wheels swivel automatically in response to the uniqueness of your terrain and the available space. This ensures a compact and free-standing fold besides expediting the process of motions. In light of this, the stroller is very easy to move around.

What comes with the stroller?

Coming along with this stroller is an extra-large storage basket. It is in this basket that you store all the necessities of your baby as well as your own.

What I like most

  • Compact travel or storage
  • easier loading and unloading
  • Height-adjustable push handles
  • Exudes a feminine look

What could be better?

  • Way quite unaffordable
  • Quite weighty to transport easily


#3:  Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom – The Ultimate Choice for Tall Baby

Is yours a taller baby?

If that is the case, then your solution lies in the acquisition of this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Stroller. It is well able to accommodate occupants that are like 4 inches tall. It is thus well able to take in your tall baby as you shall see.

best car seat stroller combo

Age / Weight Recommendations: 50 Ibs

Wow Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Comfort and Installation
  • Wide Handle
  • Parent Console

My impression

First and foremost, look at the overall appearance.

You will notice, the handle of the stroller is wide and ergonomically shaped. It is also padded using soft and comfortable materials. For these reasons, expect the handle to enable you to maneuver the stroller with ease at all times.

But wait, there is much more.

It is latch-equipped for easy installation and is also padded using EPS energy-absorbing foam. These two materials make the stroller super comfortable and easy to install. They also confer your baby superior side impact protection. It accommodates a higher height limit of 42 inches.

What’s the bonus?

Also adorning this wonderful stroller is the parent console. On this console are switches are command prompts that let you maneuver and control the stroller with ease. You do not have to apply too much physical effort to do so.

What I like most

  • Possesses the Flex-Lock 5-point harness
  • provides more comfortable rides
  • Protection from the external elements
  • Easy Trigger Fold

What could be better?

  • Not so nice looking
  • Premium costs

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, there is some vital fact to consider when it comes to choosing the Car Seat Stroller Combo for your baby.

If you are not so confident of picking one and want our suggestion, then we highly recommend the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Millennium for infant and newborn. On the other hand, your baby is almost a toddler; Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Travel System is a good option. Hence, the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System will be an amazing choice for your preschool baby.

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