A young one is usually a parent’s unique gift, which is why you want to be with your baby wherever you go, especially when you want to create that special bond with them as they grow. As such, a car seat stroller combo is one of the things that a new parent should opt to buy since it makes moving the baby from the car to the stroller easier and vice versa.

Besides, you’ll save some cash from not having to buy a car seat and a complete stroller separately. The best thing about buying a combo travel system is that it saves your effort and time whenever you are on the move.

When buying a travel combo system, though, you should do your best to ensure that you buy the best travel system whose value will be worth the amount of cash you’ll spend.

To be sure of purchasing the best infant car seat stroller combo, you’ll have to consider the following tips:

1. Comfort

Since the system will be used mainly for traveling purposes, you need to ensure that the baby feels comfortable at all times. The seat should be soft-padded so that minor shocks will not be a bother to the baby. Other than the padding, the seat should recline so that the baby can easily sleep in it.

There should also be a good shock-absorbing system that should include good wheels, preferably ones that are large enough to move over rough surfaces with minimal shock. The canopy also needs to be adjustable in that you can choose whether to completely cover the baby from the scorching sun or allow them to enjoy the sun at times.

Other than the baby resting comfortably, the individual pushing the stroller should also feel comfortable, so that activities like jogging will be easier.

car seat stroller combo

2. Safety

Other than the comfort of your young one, safety should also be another factor to consider, since traveling in the car can be hazardous to an infant if proper safety measures are not considered.

One safety measure to consider is that the seat needs to hold the baby into position, by using high-quality straps that should be comfortable for the baby while still being firm. There should also be a quick-release safety measure just in case you want to quickly get the baby from the car when accidents such as fires occur.

Make sure that the stroller has a safety wrist strap, since at times you may stumble, and you need to be sure that the young one remains safe at all times.

3. Folding

Ease of storage of the travel system is something you need to keep in mind, especially if you want to be more organized at your home, and also when traveling. Most of the strollers used in car seat stroller combos are easily foldable, and you need to make sure that the seat is also foldable.

These should make storage easier, while also ensuring convenience when moving the system from one place to another, without having to waste time to fit the seat onto the stroller and pushing the system as a whole.

4. Storage area

When traveling with a baby, there are numerous items you will need, such as diapers and others. That’s why you need to consider purchasing an infant travel system that has enough storage space to carry the items you need.

Most of the storage compartments for larger items are found below the seat, while some travel systems have a smaller storage area at the top so that the parents can place their belongings on it.

car seat stroller combo

5. Braking Systems

There are varying kinds of car seat stroller combos, and some of them have a functional braking system for the rear wheels. This adds to the safety of your young one, just in case you need some extra stopping forces. Make sure that the brake is easy to apply and effective in terms of responding.


In conclusion, the above are the main tips to consider when looking for the best car seat stroller travel combo for your infant. You may also use some help from a friend or relative whom you know has used such systems before, or has some valuable knowledge regarding such travel systems.

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